‘LOST’ no more

In the single biggest plot-revealing episode, and one of the best overall, in the long and entertaining history of the TV show 'LOST', last night showed that the writers and producers have indeed taken it's huge audience on a worthy morality trip.For those who do not watch the show, the references to the story line … Continue reading ‘LOST’ no more


An existential threat

Israel has been a people since early Biblical times, since around the 20th generation of mankind following their creation in the Garden of Eden.God promised the ancient land of Canaan to the Jewish patriarch Abraham and what would be his innumerable descendants in a covenant that would be in exchange for their worshiping Him as … Continue reading An existential threat

He who sows discord among brothers

For the past six weeks this regular 'Sunday Sermon' series has covered Proverbs 6:16-19 in which the Bible speaks of "6 Things the Lord Hates (7 an Abomination)", and today we wrap the discussion with that 7th and final item.This item speaks particularly to families, and serves as both a calling and a warning not … Continue reading He who sows discord among brothers