Sunday Sermon: the Epiphany of the three Magi

Any number of times over the years the inspiration for these "Sunday Sermon" pieces has been drawn from some idea put forward by the priests at my church. Today, Father Sean English provided that inspiration with his sermon in which he spoke of the "Three Kings" in relation to today's celebration of the Epiphany. The … Continue reading Sunday Sermon: the Epiphany of the three Magi


Goodbye again to ‘Ordinary Time’

The Church has divided her year into periods of time, and the most common of those is about to call it quits once again. 'Ordinary Time' occurs in 33-34 weeks each year, and will make its final appearance next Sunday, November 23rd.Ordinary Time occurs just after Christmas season, and then again just after Easter. It … Continue reading Goodbye again to ‘Ordinary Time’