Freedom of Speech

Does the U.S. Constitution protect your right to say anything you want, whenever you want, anywhere you want? Some people think that it indeed does, or that if it doesn't allow that, it should.Most understand that while we are free to speak our minds most times, there are limits. You can't just yell "fire" in … Continue reading Freedom of Speech


Defense against anonymous cowards

I have some reservation about writing this article because it addresses specifically a topic that I have begun to feel strongly about in recent months. The topic would be that of anonymous postings on the internet, their dangers, and their repercussions. It is my opinion that anonymous internet identities and postings are some of the … Continue reading Defense against anonymous cowards

Team Eddis as Mike Tyson: FOP or Bust-er

There is a fight brewing within the ranks of Philadelphia’s police officers, one that likely will be battled across the state and around the country. For the first time in over a decade, we have “union” trouble, and as with previous bouts of this type, the likelihood is that the bout will end in a … Continue reading Team Eddis as Mike Tyson: FOP or Bust-er