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Islamism Series: Call a Spade a Spade

The man shouted “Allahu Akbar!” as he pulled out the FN Herstal tactical pistol which he had purchased back in the summer from a gun store in Texas.

He then proceeded to methodically assassinate 13 Americans and injure dozens more in what has been described as everything from a ‘crazed attack’ to a ‘shooting rampage’.

In fact, last week’s attacks at the Fort Hood, New Jersey army base have been called everything but what they were: a terrorist attack by a radical Islamist, the first on U.S. soil since 9/11/2001.

39-year old Nidal Malik Hasan is a psychiatrist by trade, a trade which he learned as an enlisted man in the United States Army.

How could an American soldier shoot fellow soldiers and others? Was he simply mad? The obvious answer to anyone looking with clear vision is that Hasan was not mad, at least not clinically insane. What Hasan wa,s and continues to be, is an Islamist terrorist.

While performing his residency requirements at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Hasan made a presentation to colleagues on the proper role of Muslims in the American military.

In his presentation, Hasan stated that “fighting to establish an Islamic State to please God, even by force, is condoned by the Islam.” He further advocated the military releasing Muslims from their obligations to decrease “adverse events” and increase morale.

According to a cousin, Hasan was a practicing Muslim who became more devout following the death of his parents separately in 1998 and 2001. His family also said that he turned against the wars after hearing stories from troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2001, Hasan attended the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia. The religious leader or ‘imam’ of the mosque at that time was Anwar al-Awlaki, and Hasan had deep respect for al-Awlaki’s teachings.

This is notable because also attending the same mosque at the same time were both Hani Hanjour and Nawaf al-Hazmi, two of the 9/11 hijackers, as well as Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, who was convicted for his role in an assassination plot against President Bush.

In the aftermath of the Fort Hood terror attack, al-Awlaki, who had conveniently fled to Yemen following the 9/11 attacks, praised Hasan for his actions in murdering the soldiers and for the overall shooting event. He also called on other Muslims to “follow in the footsteps of men like Nidal” if they were serving in the American military.

Hasan was said by fellow soldiers to have been constantly proselytizing about his faith with fellow doctors, patients, and soldiers. In the months prior to his attack, Hasan had come under investigation by federal authorities for internet postings that said suicide bombers were sacrificing their lives for a noble cause, among other messages.

Hasan was known to have made attempts at contacting al Qaeda directly, and had continued to exchange emails with al-Awlaki, especially seeking guidance as it became clear that Hasan was going to be deployed to the Middle East where he might have to directly fight against Muslims.

On the day of the attack, Hasan handed out copies of the Quran, Islam’s holy book, and was said to be in a peaceful state, often the description when a suicide bomber has resigned themselves to their fate.

Now comes word today that the Obama administration is going to take Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the acknowledged mastermind of those 9/11 terrorist attacks, to trial for those attacks in a civilian court. Not handle him as a war criminal, but in the same manner as a common criminal would be handled.

This is the pre-9/11 mentality, handle terrorism against the United States as a law enforcement matter rather than as a matter of national security.

Terrorism analyst Neil Livingstone has made an incredibly chilling and proper analogy. Trying Khalid Sheik Mohammed and other Islamist terrorists is akin to going back to World War II times and taking the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor to civilian courts rather than handling them as war criminals. Livingstone is, of course, exactly right.

This is just another in a long series of missteps by the Obama administration since taking office earlier in the year. The administration seems to be all about political correctness. The President has shown from the beginning, particularly in his hasty order to close the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo Bay, that he refuses to take responsibility for keeping America safe.

How many more Hasan’s are ‘sleeper’ terrorists serving in the American military, or working in American businesses?

How man are studying in American schools just waiting for either the orders, or the encouragement, or the inspiration, or the resources, or just for simply their own ‘right moment’ to pull the plug on their ‘legitimate’ American cover and take their own action in furtherance of the jihad to bring about Islamic rule under Sharia law here and elsewhere around the world?

To call Nidal Hasan an “Army psychiatrist” or a “crazed gunman” is to tell the smallest portion of the truth of what he is in reality. To call Khalid Sheik Mohammed a murder conspirator is to tell the smallest portion of the truth.

The truth is that both men are Islamist terrorists, and the time is long since past to both call a spade a spade, and to treat them accordingly.

NOTE: This is a continuation of the ‘Islamism Series’, an ongoing series relating to the issues of radical Islam in general and its presence here in America in particular. All entries in the series can be read by clicking on to the below tag.

Islamism Series: The Two Jihads

Back in April of this year, local Philadelphia Bulletin writer Herb Denenberg pointed out that the War on Terror (or the ‘contingency operation’ or whatever other soft-sounding name the Obama administration wants to rename it today) needed to be fought on two fronts.

Fail to fight battles aggressively on either front, and we are in danger of ultimately losing the entire war.

Denenberg opined that al Qaeda and other radical Islamist terror organizations and their sponsor states were fighting the war on those two fronts: the ‘Explosive Jihad’ being carried out by the terror organizations through bombings, beheadings, and other planned mass attacks and the ‘Stealth Jihad’ being carried out by the slow manipulation of populations, politicians, universities, and cultures.

That ‘Explosive Jihad’ has again blasted into the American news headlines in recent days with the FBI raids in the New York borough of Queens.

The Feds uncovered the first proven al Qaeda cell operating on U.S. soil since the 9/11 attacks, and moved quickly to take them down with raids in New York and Denver. Complete plot details have not been released, but as reported in the New York Daily News, this was “the real deal” and not some informant-based action.

These raids follow on the heels of the May foiling of a major plot to bomb a pair of New York synagogues and then shoot down an airliner with a Stinger missile. That plot was foiled when the New York-area Joint Terrorism Task Force uncovered and infiltrated the scheme.

The NYJTTF supplied the cell with phony plastic explosives. When the terrorists planted these fake bombs, the Feds moved in and made their arrests. The Daily News reported also that one of the suspects, Abdul Rahman, stated “I hate those motherfuckers, those fucking Jewish bastards. I would like to get a synagogue.”

Meanwhile, on the “Stealth Jihad” front, the Wahhabists from Saudi Arabia continue to fund a variety of methods aimed at changing American attitudes and culture in favor of Islam.

As reported in the online magazine Front Page: “..embedded deep within our system of higher education, including many of our most prestigious universities..the Saudis have steadily infiltrated American educational institutions with vast infusions of cash.”

Wahabbism is one of the most radical and virulent strains of Islamism, the worst of the worst among radical Islamists. It hates Western religious tolerance, and advocates Islam taking over the entire world religiously, culturally, and politically. It has been estimated that the Arab Wahabbis have funded the vast majority of the mosques built here in the U.S. over the past few decades.

The Wahhabists make the mortgage payments on 80% of American mosques, according to Front Page. They have contributed approximately $70 billion dollars over the past three decades to fund anti-American and anti-Israeli propaganda efforts.

They also fund the establishment of schools of Middle Eastern studies at major American universities accompanied by the infiltration of professorial positions in those programs which push an anti-Western message.

The attempted attacks and the efforts at manipulating our society from within and without are all part and parcel of what the radical Islamists see as ‘the long war’, the one of attrition that they will ultimately win by wearing down America’s will to fight.

They hurt us on many levels with physical attacks, such as the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks of 9/11, but it may be the emotional toll that such attacks take on us, combined with our inability to recognize the danger thanks to the cultural and educational softening, that ultimately prove our undoing.

The Washington Times has reported that “al Qaeda is looking to exploit weakness in U.S. border security” in order to carry out what their sources believe may be a massive biological attack.

In a video presentation, a senior al Qaeda official states:

“Four pounds of anthrax in a suitcase this big (shows moderate hand separation) carried by a fighter through tunnels from Mexico into the U.S. are guaranteed to kill 330,000 Americans within a single hour if it is properly spread in population centers there.”

It has also been reported that al Qaeda has forged agreements with the notorious South American drug cartel Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13, to smuggle thousands of the terrorist group’s operatives across the U.S-Mexico border. MS-13 would be paid from $30-50,000 US dollars for each operative smuggled into our country.

Americans need to understand that just because the former mainstream media does not report on these continuing efforts by the radical Islamists to exterminate and overthrow our culture and our nation, that these efforts have ended.

As Denenberg pointed out correctly, the battle cry of the Muslim Brotherhood, one shared by all radical Islamists, is this: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Quran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” The fully intend to make this happen through the efforts of the Two Jihads.

Where Were You?

Embed from Getty Images

I’ve already heard it asked in my office, on the radio, and in a couple of other venues this morning: Where were you when you first heard about the attacks on 9/11?

The answers have been numerous, from people sitting in their cars in traffic, to folks working as police officers here in Philly, to folks who had the day off and were watching it all on television.

Being a police officer who has worked the ‘Last Out’ shift for a few years, meaning that I worked a steady shift of overnight hours from approximately 11:00 pm until 7:00 am, I have often speculated that there must have been at least some officers of the NYPD who worked overnight and had just gotten home and in bed by 8:00 am or so on the morning of September 11th, 2001. I was usually in bed by that time after working that shift myself.

I can imagine such an officer sleeping away their day, perhaps with their cellphone off or on ‘silent’ and with their home phone ring turned off. Again, this was my habit after working overnight. The last thing that I wanted to have happen was for anyone to wake me up for anything, let alone for some random call from work to reach me.

Who could ever imagine receiving the call that those officers may have missed and later found on their answering machines?

Imagine those officers working all night, getting home on a typical Tuesday morning, and then waking up at around 3:00 pm before finally hearing from some source: a phone message, the news on television or radio, some friend or neighbor in person telling them what had happened.

Of course your first call is going to be in to your work place, and then begins the likely process of getting ready to head in to work, possibly having to make some special travel arrangements to get there.

All of that is speculative, but it takes no stretch of the imagination to consider that there were probably hundreds of such officers in New York city on that fateful day.

Where was I that morning? I would imagine it’s pretty typical, and typically uninteresting. I was assigned as a Detective with the Northeast Detective Division of the Philadelphia Police Department at the time, but was on a scheduled day off.

At about 7:15am I had left our home in the Somerton section of Philadelphia to drive our daughter Melissa to school. She had just begun her sophomore year at Archbishop Ryan High School in the Far Northeast section of the city, and it took me about 35 minutes to get her over to the building and out of the car, and drive back to our house.

I had been logged on to my home PC before we left, checking my email while waiting for Melissa to finish getting herself ready, and was listening to Philly’s local “smooth jazz” radio station.

It was such a beautiful morning when we left, and the mood with the jazz music was so mellow, that I left it playing so that I could return to this same atmosphere.

I got back and things were just as I had hoped. The day was still blossoming in gorgeous style with mellow temperatures and a high, clear blue sky. The jazz music was keeping that atmosphere just as mellow inside my house, and I sat back down to the computer.

Many mornings would find me turning on and following Fox News, but this morning the music was so perfect for the day that I just left it play and kept out the news of the world.

At about 9am, my home phone rang, and it was my wife Debbie calling. She had a bit of an excited tone to her voice as she quickly asked “Are you watching TV?” I told her that I wasn’t, and she replied “Well turn it on, they just bombed our embassy!” I told her okay, and we quickly hung up the phone. But I didn’t turn on the TV right away.

She called back a couple minutes later and said “Do you have the TV on?” When I told her that I hadn’t turned it on yet, she more insistently told me “Turn it on!

So I grabbed the remote and clicked on the television, wondering what could be upsetting her so much about one of our embassies being bombed. Not that it wouldn’t be a big story, but I just didn’t understand why she would be calling from her work about it.

As the screen came in to view there on Fox was a picture of the first Twin Tower in the minutes after it had been struck. I told her “That’s not an embassy, it’s the Twin Towers, and a plane hit it” She just told me to keep it on, that they were talking about a possible terrorist attack, and we again hung up.

As I sat back and watched those early confusing moments, something almost unreal happened on the screen. While they were talking about a plane hitting the tower, and speculating on the nature of that crash, suddenly there was another jet coming in to view in the picture.

In the split second that it took for the mind to go from “What the heck is a plane doing flying that low when one already hit the tower” to “Oh my God!” the second plane struck the second Twin Tower.

At that immediate instant it became clear that this was no accident. There was no doubt that this was an attack. Now the question was, what next? I clearly remember stopping right there and saying a prayer.

The rest of my day was filled with following the developments on Fox News and the other news channels.

My wife was let out early from her work, and on her way home she picked up our daughter from school. I found that my other two older daughters were safe, and closely followed things to see if Philadelphia would ever become involved or our officers mobilized. Neither ever happened.

That is forever how I will remember that day, that moment. The incredible peace and tranquility of that morning suddenly ended by the phone call, and then that incredible moment on television of the second plane as it hit the World Trade Center.

Eight years later it still is as clear a memory as the sky was on that Tuesday morning. I imagine that it will forever remain that crystal clear, and I hope and pray that there is never another day like it, or worse, in our nations future.

Islamism Series: The Brotherhood

With the new kinder, gentler Obama administration becoming more and more entrenched by the week, their media apparatus and their own actions have thus far been successful in lulling us to sleep.

To ignore the presence and growth of radical Islam here in the United States, to sleep the sleep of the dreamers who believe that a simple regime change here in America has made any difference to those radicals whatsoever, places us all in greater danger.

On Monday, April 6th, 2009 the Hudson Institute, one of the most respected research think-tanks in the world, issued a report on ‘The Muslim Brotherhood in the United States’.

In short, the report states that “Leadership of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood has said that its goal was and is jihad aimed at destroying the U.S. from within.” 

The report goes on to talk about the stated means of making this happen, by establishing Islamic organizations here in the U.S. that are under the control of The Brotherhood.

The organization has for more than four decades been building a wide-ranging and elaborate cadre of front groups while denying publicly that it has any desire to topple the American governmental structure.

The Hudson report, written by Steven Merley, says that the current operating goal has been in existence for at least two decades, and that is one of the concept of ‘Settlement‘. This benign-sounding term basically means the establishment, organization, and growth of Islam here in America.

The reality behind this soft-sounding term of ‘settlement’, as a 1991 document published by U.S. Brotherhood leader Mohammed Akram said, is quite simply “a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is to be at the forefront of that jihad here in the U.S., propped up by a covert infrastructure that supports a series of public organizations.

Merley’s Hudson report goes on to describe the growth of the Brotherhood in Europe prior to its coming to America, and then goes on to elaborate on that move here to the U.S. and its growth here since the 1960’s.

The wrap-up is the truth that the Brotherhood continues to publicly deny: it has a radical Islamic history, it has supported radical Islamic groups with ideology, money, and legal support, and it has made no efforts to reform itself.

The Muslim Brotherhood remains an organization committed at its very core to infiltrating the American government and society, and slowing but surely seeking and finding ways to overthrow democracy, capitalism, and freedom itself, replacing it with rule by fundamentalist Sharia Islamic law.

Since taking office, some have claimed that Mr. Obama has allowed this organization to find a footing with him in Washington, including Douglas Farah at the Counterterrorism Blog. Farah recently posted an article titled ‘The Inroads of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration’.

It is difficult to make that leap, that Brotherhood members, whether pronounced or covert, are in any way a part of the Obama administration. What is not difficult to examine, however, is the general attitude towards security and intelligence that the administration is taking.

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal by Gen. Michael Hayden, director of the CIA from 2006-2009, and Michael Mukasey, who was the U.S. Attorney General from 2007-2009 carries: ‘The President Ties His Own Hands on Terror‘ as its headline. The piece claims that Obama’s actions are making us less likely to be able to effectively monitor groups like the Brotherhood here in America.

They talk about a book by Jack Goldsmith titled ‘The Terror Presidency’ in which Goldsmith speaks of “cycles of timidity and aggression“.

Politicians, such as the Obama people are doing today, pressure the intel community to push legal limits. Then they accuse those intel folks when aggressiveness goes out of vogue, thereby incurring no risk to themselves, while then being able to call the intel community timid in the wake of a 9/11-type attack.

This is just one of many dangers with the Obama administration. They will talk tough, but tie the hands of intel and security people publicly. Then in private, they quietly tell them to do whatever they can to ensure our national security. The pols will either take praise if all goes well or shift blame to that intel and security community if things go poorly or a major attack happens.

The ‘intel’ community didn’t get that moniker from nowhere – intelligence. They aren’t stupid, and so they see how this game is being developed by the Obama folks, who have had a near-impossible time attempting to fill many of their highest-level job positions in these areas.

One has to hope that it won’t take a 9/11, or worse, for the Obama folks to wake up and realize the true danger that groups like the Muslim Brotherhood pose to America, its people, and our traditional way of life.

While Obama plays political games with intel and security, the Brotherhood continues to operate towards its stated objective of one day lowering the American flag, and raising an Islamic flag over the White House.

NOTE: As always, the title of this piece is a link to further information on the topic, this time to Steven Merley’s Hudson Institute report.

Islamism Series: Back to Afghanistan

For a land-locked nation that is basically a pile of rock and sand, Afghanistan holds some serious sway in the international community. The reasons are many, but they are sometimes difficult to grasp until you look more closely.

Afghanistan is bordered on the west by an Islamic nuclear-power wannabe ruled by a mad President in Iran, and on the east by the already nuclear-powered and increasingly fractious Pakistan.

There is even a small slice of northeastern Afghanistan that borders up against a Communist behemoth known as China. Along its northern borders lie a trio of former Soviet states in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Its land-locked status means that it has virtually no natural water supplies. There are no seas against which it borders, no rivers running through it, no lakes in which water has gathered. In short, there is very little of the life-sustaining, not to mention economy-sustaining water that is necessary for a country and people to survive, let alone thrive.

The median age is less than 18 years, which might make you wonder where are all the adults? Many of them are simply dead, as the average life expectancy is only a little over 44 years.

Because of the poor economic conditions there is a high risk of infectious diseases and wide-scale problems with other illnesses such as malaria, typhoid fever, hepatitis A, and ‘bird flu’ influenza strains.

So why does everyone care so much about a country that is so desolate and so inhospitable? Simply because of its strategic location as a ‘buffer zone’.

Afghanistan was founded in 1747 when Ahmad Durrani was able to organized the native Pashtun tribes into one people. For a long time it served as a buffer between the Russian and the British empires before gaining independence from Britain in 1919.

In the 1970’s, the Soviets propped up a Communist government there, and then directly invaded the country in 1979 to put down rebellions from various native Afghan tribes and groups. This led to a decade-long war in which the rebels emerged victorious thanks to aid from the international community, most notably the United States (see the film ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’.)

In the aftermath of the Soviet-Afghan war there was continual civil war in the country, with the Taliban finally emerging with control in the mid-1990’s. The population is 99% Muslim, and the Taliban demanded observance of a strict interpretation of Islamic Sharia law. They also allowed the use of Afghan territories by Osama bin Laden and his radical Islamic followers, which al Qaeda used to operate terrorist training camps.

Following 9/11, the U.S.-led coalition invaded, destroyed the terrorist camps, and drove the Taliban from power. This began a process of attempting to install a democratic government and elected leadership, which ultimately led to the current democratically-elected government of Hamid Karzai (pictured). Many felt that the U.S. lost focus from this important rebuilding program when it switched gears and invaded Iraq.

With the Afghan situation appearing under control, President Bush redeployed many American forces to topple the regime of dictator Sadaam Hussein in Iraq. As noble as removing the evil Hussein from power may have been, it did allow the Taliban to begin slowly regrouping and regaining some influence in Afghanistan.

The new American President Barack Obama inherited both the Iraq and Afghanistan situations when he took office. It is his position that Iraqi defense forces and the Iraqi government are becoming strong enough that they will soon be able to stand on their own, and is planning to slowly draw down U.S. presence in that area. At the same time he plans to increase the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan.

There is an upcoming international conference on Afghanistan that will take place at The Hague and which will be attended by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton along with leaders from all of the world nations having a stake in Afghanistan’s short and long term future.

With both the historical and current instability in that region of the world, and with their significant strategic locations, successful democracies in both Iraq and Afghanistan are worthy and important efforts. The Afghans absolutely need and deserve more U.S. support, not just military but also economic and in other areas. But the Iraqis cannot be abandoned to fend for themselves to the point where the loss of 4,000 American lives over a half decade ends up being for nothing.

President Obama is basically taking us back to Afghanistan, and that is a good and necessary thing. But at the same time we need to be very careful in the process of drawing down in Iraq.

In the ‘big tent’ meeting at The Hague, two groups with a stake in Afghanistan’s future which will not be represented are the Taliban and al Qaeda. But the groups who do meet should not forget their presence or their interest.

Radical Islamic forces are still fighting in both countries to undermine the American-led efforts, convinced that if they just wait us out we will eventually retreat to our own homeland and leave these Middle East countries with little defense against their continuing Jihad.

NOTE: This is a continuation of the Islam Series, all items of which can be read by clicking the below tag