Philadelphia Phillies and MLB 2020 season days lost to the COVID-19 pandemic: 17.

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Patrick Saunders at the Denver Post with his take on various Major League Baseball proposals to try and salvage a 2020 season:

I’ve also seen suggested plans that would include all 30 teams in a seeded postseason tournament. That seems doubtful to happen but all bets are off as MLB tries to salvage the season and spark fan interest.

In an interesting and wide-ranging interview, former big-league general manager Jim Bowden at The Athletic got current Toronto Blue Jays GM Mark Shapiro’s take on the delayed season and much more:

To move from 29 years of what has been a regular calendar and lives which are normally predicated by routine and clear seasons to being confined to my house and on the phone all day and not watching baseball is bizarre. It’s so far away from the normal that’s it’s hard to comprehend.

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Now for the latest Philadelphia Phillies news from local and national resources:

Jeff Skversky at 6ABC got Phillies advisor and Wall of Famer Larry Bowa‘s opinion on Jean Segura‘s transition to third base:

Mike O’Connor at The Athletic wrote on his favorite all-time player, Phillies all-time hit king, Jimmy Rollins:

In fact, I can pinpoint the exact day it began: Jan. 23, 2007, when Jimmy Rollins gave his famous quote to the Associated Press: “I think we are the team to beat in the NL East — finally.” At the time, that was a shocking, near-irreverent statement. The season hadn’t started yet. The Phillies were coming off a somewhat disappointing 2006 campaign and had been to the playoffs once in the past 23 seasons.

The Philadelphia Phillies supplied baseball-themed protective face masks to the Philadelphia Police Department:

I was a guest of host Rich Baxter on the “Phillies Talk” podcast on Wednesday, talking a lot about the possible return of baseball in late May or early June. Joined also by baseball legal expert and SABR award winning author Lou Schiff, we discussed some of those issues as well as Philadelphia baseball history…with a touch of Marlins history since Lou is a Fish fan and season ticket holder:


Phillies first baseman Rhys Hoskins is representing the club in an MLB The Show Player’s League and went 2-2 in his opening matches. He next takes a turn on Tuesday You can follow here on Twitch:

Watch live video from rhyshoskinsmlb on

How about a little fun as we wind down on this Easter Sunday? I have always stated that the 1993 Phillies were the most fun team that I have ever followed, start to finish. It all began with this pretty fun moment from the Phanatic:

5999879_031020-wpvi-coronavirus-PHILADELPHIA-GENERIC-imgPhiladelphia area coronavirus updates continue to be provided via The Inquirer live news ticker on the pandemic. Also, the City of Philadelphia is currently under a Business Activity and Stay at Home Order. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the NIH (National Institutes of Health have tremendous resources on updates and the national response.

You can view the archives for these Lunch Bell reports at any time. They are released every day all year-round barring some unusual circumstance. Each report highlights important updates on the Phillies and MLB, including articles curated from around the web, social media posts, and video. During the pandemic we will include any relevant updates in that regard as well.

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