Philadelphia Phillies and MLB 2020 season days lost to the COVID-19 pandemic: 17.

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Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, possibly the single most informative and reliable MLB insider working today, spoke with Kevin Burkhardt of FS1 regarding a possible baseball return:

Evan Drellich at The Athletic wrote on the anticipated resumption of talks between MLB and Minor League Baseball regarding a new Professional Baseball Agreement:

Minor League Baseball has already broached the possibility of extending the current PBA another year, people familiar with the conversations said. The idea would be to push the talks back until a greater sense of normalcy returns. To this point, MLB is not interested in a status-quo extension.

When exactly will Major League Baseball attempt to get underway this season? Jayson Stark provided the best current information:

AJ Mass at ESPN did a piece on what sports mascots are doing during the coronavirus stoppages. He spoke with the original Phillie Phanatic, David Raymond:

Dave Raymond, a marketing and branding expert and the original Phillie Phanatic, understands better than anyone what these performers are going through. “Whether a mascot performer knows it or not, their work connects them emotionally to fans,” Raymond said. “That’s great for the fans and the organizations they represent, but even more powerful for the performer. Imagine having a job that forces you to focus on positive energy all the time. Because of the current epidemic, all of that opportunity has been stripped away. It’s very ironic, because that social interaction is a big part of how we will overcome this challenge.”

Alex Rodriguez and Frank Thomas say that any Florida games during the summer months would have to take place very early in the day or late at night:

The Atlanta Braves have reportedly made a commitment to pay their employees through the end of May. Yo, Phillies – ball is in your court!

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Now for the latest Philadelphia Phillies news from local and national resources:

Corey Seidman at NBC Sports Philadelphia examined the possibility of MLB realigning in order to play an adjusted 2020 regular season schedule:

Under this proposal, the 30 teams would be split between Arizona and Florida the way they are during spring training. The Grapefruit League in Florida would be split into three divisions, the North, South and East. The Phillies would be in the North, along with the Yankees, Blue Jays, Tigers and Pirates.

Bob Brookover at The Inquirer wrote on the same MLB contingency proposal:

If the season without fans staged mostly in spring-training parks in Florida and Arizona could get started by June, you are probably looking at 108 games, with teams playing each of their division rivals 12 times and three-game series home and away against the 10 teams from the other two divisions.

Adam Hermann at NBC Sports Philadelphia presented a piece on Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto as a high school football quarterback:

Realmuto’s MaxPreps page, which is still live, shows a pretty productive senior year as a dual-threat QB. Realmuto completed 111 of 187 passes for 1,937 yds, 20 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions. He also ran 227 times for 1,412 yards and 25 touchdowns.

Tim Kurkjian of ESPN put out this little piece on current Phillies information analyst and former big-leaguer Sam Fuld:

Jamie Apody of 6ABC conducted a Skype interview with Chase Utley and his wife Jen Utley on how they are handling the pandemic quarantine:

Utley, very proud of his wife for following her passion and turning it into a business, says Jen is a jack of all trades. “She did give me a haircut,” says Chase. Jen, afraid to touch the top, still made him wear a hat for his interview, “he looks like a cockatoo,” she laughs.”

Friday was National Siblings Day and Dan Roche at NBC Sports Philadelphia wrote on the Phillies habit of always picking the wrong brother:

Mike Maddux: You have heard of Mike’s little brother Greg Maddux: 355 career wins, four consecutive Cy Young Awards, etc. Mike’s big-league career began with the Phillies in 1986, and ran through 2000. But he managed just 39 career wins, and lugged a career ERA a bit higher than four.

I was a guest of host Rich Baxter on the “Phillies Talk” podcast on Wednesday, talking a lot about the possible return of baseball in late May or early June. Joined also by baseball legal expert and SABR award winning author Lou Schiff, we discussed some of those issues as well as Philadelphia baseball history…with a touch of Marlins history since Lou is a Fish fan and season ticket holder:


Interested in watching as Rhys Hoskins debuts in the MLB The Show Players League on Saturday night? Rich will be carrying it “live” at his website:

5999879_031020-wpvi-coronavirus-PHILADELPHIA-GENERIC-imgPhiladelphia area coronavirus updates continue to be provided via The Inquirer live news ticker on the pandemic. Also, the City of Philadelphia is currently under a Business Activity and Stay at Home Order. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the NIH (National Institutes of Health have tremendous resources on updates and the national response.

You can view the archives for these Lunch Bell reports at any time. They are released every day all year-round barring some unusual circumstance. Each report highlights important updates on the Phillies and MLB, including articles curated from around the web, social media posts, and video. During the pandemic we will include any relevant updates in that regard as well.

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FINAL NOTE: This date in 2010, Roy Halladay tossed a gem in just his second-ever Phillies outing:

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