Where Have You Gone, Matt Veasey?

A new responsibility has taken Matt Veasey to TBOH

For anyone who stops in here and thinks that I may have stopped writing – not so.

On December 1st, 2014, I accepted the role as Editor and lead writer with “Fansided”, an emerging sports and entertainment site.

I have been running their Philadelphia Phillies coverage ever since. That assignment takes up a lot of time, especially when added to my “real” working life, as well as family responsibilities.

So if you want to continue enjoying my writing, and you are a Fightin’ Phils fan, you can find me right here: http://thatballsouttahere.com/author/mattman3rd/

That is my personal link at the site. The main TBOH site is: http://thatballsouttahere.com/

There is also a ton of information available on Twitter: @FS_TBOH, and you can follow on Facebook as well right here: https://www.facebook.com/thatballsouttahere?ref=br_tf

So, I’m still writing. I’ll be keeping this “mattveasey.com” site alive, just in case that new venture disappears, or once in awhile I feel like coming back and commenting on something outside the baseball world.

Thanks for stopping by, and hope you’ll continue following for now at TBOH…..