Casey Anthony is a reasonably attractive, obviously articulate, and at least somewhat intelligent 22-year old woman who in August of 2005 at the age of 18 gave birth to a daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.

The father of her baby wasn’t in the picture, and Casey proceeded to try to raise the young child with the help of her own parents. This is a situation not unfamiliar to many young women around the world.

Also like many young people in her situation, Casey was not very mature in taking on the role of motherhood. Despite having the responsibilities of being mom to a young daughter, she also still had the desires of others her age. She wanted to go out and party, to date men and have a good time with her girlfriends.

And as it turns out, Casey Anthony is also another in a long line of what some refer to as ‘doe-eyed’ criminals. There was something wrong with Casey Anthony behind those doe eyes, that winsome smile, and that pretty face. She was a habitual liar, which is problematic in itself. But then things took a turn for the worse.

Sometime during the middle of June in 2008, just short of her 3rd birthday, little Caylee went missing. Casey didn’t let anyone know of the disappearance until a month later when her own parents began to suspect that something was wrong and notified authorities. This set into motion a months-long investigation that finally led to the discovery of little Caylee’s dead body in December, and Casey being charged with her murder.

Casey Anthony is only the latest in a long line of these doe-eyed pretty girl criminals. Debra LaFave was a drop-dead gorgeous former model who had become a 23-year old teacher at the Greco Middle School in Temple Terrace, Florida. While on a field trip in 2004 she met a 14-year old student and in short order she began to have a sexual affair with this youngster. She seduced him into having intercourse with her at the school, in her car, and in her home, where the newlywed lived with her husband of less than a year.

During one incident, the boy’s 15-year old cousin drove LaFave’s vehicle while she and her victim had sex in the back seat. This cousin reported the incident to police, an investigation ensued, and LaFave was criminally charged. She originally accepted a plea agreement which was rejected by the courts. Lucky for her, as the charges were ultimately dropped when her young victim refused to cooperate with authorities.

Back in 1968, at the age of just 19, a beautiful brunette named Leslie Van Houten moved into a hippie commune at the Spahn Ranch just outside of Los Angeles. The spiritual guru of the community was a man by the name of Charles Manson. The members of their commune were heavily into using LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs, and this made young Leslie and the other members more susceptible to Manson’s race war concept known as ‘Helter Skelter’.

On August 10th, 1969, Van Houten went along with 5 other ‘family’ members as Manson drove them to the home of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. It was here that Van Houten took part in the murders of the couple that helped gain national notoriety for Charles Manson and his followers. Leslie Van Houten was arrested, charged, convicted, and sentenced to a life term that she still serves today.

The actions of these three physically beautiful young women highlight the fact that we far too often associate pathological, anti-social, aggressive and criminal acts with a hardened male face. It should always be remembered that it is what lies behind those eyes, whether cold and hard or doe-like, that tells the true potential of a sociopath.