Colleen Carroll Campbell leads the “Faith & Culture” discussions

‘Faith & Culture’ is the 2nd show in recent weeks that I am recommending from the EWTN Catholic network, following my previous recommendation of “Crossing the Goal” (which airs a new episode tonight at 9pm.)

The program generally airs on Wednesday nights at 11pm eastern time, and if that is too late for you or conflicts with your local newscast, it is well worth recording on your DVR or other device to watch at a more convenient time.

‘F&C’ is hosted by Colleen Carroll Campbell, a former speechwriter to President George W. Bush as well as a noted columnist, author, commentator, and a fellow at the respected Ethics & Public Policy Center.

Campbell is attractive, articulate, bright, and incredibly effusive in the expression of her faith. As she discusses issues, you can both feel and see the sincerity and the excitement for her Catholic Christian faith in her eyes and voice.

The format for ‘F&C’ is similar to what you may have been exposed to with PBS’ ‘Charlie Rose’, a one-on-one interview program between Campbell and a featured guest. This guest is gleaned from the ranks of politicians, authors, activists, artists and others who discuss with her the most important issues of the day.

Being on EWTN there is, as you would expect, a strong Catholic slant to the discussion. How do certain books, movies, songs, social developments, and legislation affect not only the entirety of American society, but Catholics in particular, and how does the resolution of these issues jive with Catholic doctrine.

Among the guests whom Campbell has interviewed for the series are Rick Santorum, Chuck Colson, and Phyllis Schlafly. The issues that she has tackled include the family, life and death, media, politics, cyberspace, human cloning, stem cell usage, Evangelicals, the Supreme Court, feminism, marriage, abortion, literature, science, sexuality, Hollywood, and a host of other topical issues.

You may find controversy, depending on your side of the issue being discussed, but the one thing that you will not find with CCC hosting ‘F&C’ is confrontation. This is not a debate show, it is a presentation of the issue that is then framed in a Catholic response context.

The guests can sometimes seem dry, but they are always informative. Campbell’s direction of the questioning and her enthusiasm always make it worth watching, no matter the speaking talents of the guest.

EWTN has another solid entry with ‘Faith & Culture’, and if you give the series a couple of watches I am sure that you will be hooked.

NOTE: This is a continuation of the ‘TV Watch’ series, all of which can be viewed by clicking on that below label.