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O.J. Simpson arrives at court last month during his robbery trial


Have you ever known someone who got away with some extreme crime or a personally hurtful action and been frustrated and angry, but there was nothing you could do about it?

You know, when you get that thought across your mind that “They will get what they have coming to them some day.”

Maybe you just believed that the person was so personally or professionally irresponsible by nature that they were bound to mess up again, or commit another crime, and that next time they wouldn’t be so fortunate as to get away?

Well, it has finally happened for those of us normal human beings as relates to the life and crimes of one Orenthal James ‘O.J.’ Simpson.

The murderer who nearly decapitated his wife and the mother of this children, Nicole Simpson, and who overpowered and sliced up a young waiter, Ron Goldman, who was simply returning sunglasses to her, over a decade ago and got away with it won’t be getting away with his latest crime.

A jury in Las Vegas found Simpson guilty on a dozen charges, including armed robbery and kidnapping, and the two-time murderer – as a civil trial found him responsible – will hopefully now spend the rest of his life behind bars.

All those people who stood and cheered and applauded on that somber day in late summer of 1995 when Johnny Cochrane and his brilliant legal team put on a spirited, financially extravagant defense to free the murderer, are now sitting on their hands. Some of them are probably even thinking “they was gonna get him, they wasn’t gonna let him get away, they wouldn’t let him breathe.”

Fact is, no imaginary ‘they‘ had to do anything to ‘get‘ this particular murderer. Like most of them, all he needed was to be left out in the world long enough, and he was going to slip up again.

Thankfully he slipped up so big that the rest of us, those who didn’t care about race or anything other than finding justice for Nicole and Ron, finally have a measure of it.

Simpson, known during his playing days as ‘The Juice’, is finally where he has belonged all along: behind bars. He no longer has to worry about scouring the nation’s golf courses in an attempt to track down “the real killers.”

Unfortunately we are left with the same attitude as always among those who cheered his previous fortune.

They continue to wail and cry when one member of their community murders another. They continue to defend their sons and brothers after they kill and maim and rob, consistently calling them a ‘good boy’ who just had some bad breaks in life.

The fact is that people make their choices and have to live with the ramifications of those actions. Those around them need to stop accepting this when it is done over and over again, and need to hold them responsible within their families and communities.

Should there be forgiveness for sins? Of course. Who among us hasn’t made mistakes, some huge, in their lives?

I certainly have. But I haven’t murdered anyone, let alone two people, had tens of thousands cheer my release, and then walked around for over a decade flaunting that court room victory.

The murderer is finally in the cage where belongs, where he can’t murder or rob any more innocent citizens (not to mention family members), and likely he will remain there for the rest of his life.

God will one day serve whatever ultimate justice He feels is appropriate for the murderer, but for now justice is served, and the Juice is no longer loose.