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Well, it’s now August the 23rd, and we are all still alive, thank God. For those of you who may have missed out, and thus not been aware of your impending demise, yesterday was thought by some to be a possible “Doomsday” date.

You remember Doomsday, right? End of the world. Armageddon. End times and all that. Ring a bell?

Anyway, yesterday was believed to be a possible Doomsday after noted Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis opined as much in a piece published earlier this year by the Wall Street Journal.

Lewis is no quack, mind you. He is the professor emeritus of Near Eastern studies at Princeton University. His was not actually a prediction, but a warning of a possible date where some action could be taken by radical Muslims.

Lewis’ theory went something like this: August 22nd of 2006 corresponded with the Islamic calendar night when Mohammed (is it Mo? Mu? I never remember) flew first to Jerusalem, then to Heaven, and then back again. There were no planes back then, to fly into buildings or otherwise. So whether this flight took place freestyle, ala Superman, or on a magic carpet is unknown.

In any event, he was warning us that the linkage of this special day in Islam, along with it’s Israeli connection, might be just the type of day that the radical Islamofascists against whom we have been at war might like to use to pull off a new large-scale attack.

Many recent world events began to give credence to this possibility. First, the general instability in the Middle East region caused largely by Iran and it’s lunatic president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who stated that the world would receive his country’s response to western demands regarding Iran’s nuclear program by that date.

Besides both the ongoing personal public speech lunacy and the specific date being mentioned by “President Tom”, as popular TV and radio talk show host Glenn Beck has taken to calling Ahmadinejad for easier pronunciation sake, there was the subsequent response by Israel to repeated attacks against it.

The Israelis had two soldiers kidnapped, and have been taking constant, dangerous shelling and gunfire from the terrorist organization Hezbollah from their strongholds in southern Lebanon. Israel finally, understandably, had enough, and invaded Lebanon to take out Hezbollah when the Lebanese government failed to stand up itself.

With Israel invading Lebanon, and the United States standing up in Iraq and Afghanistan, there has been much speculation that President Tom is preparing to force a showdown with western civilization. Iran may be preparing to form an alliance of radical Muslim forces in the region into one Islamic superstate, and this is far from far-fetched.

It has been speculated that Iran may invade northern Iraq on the precepts of eliminating Kurdish aggression there, and may possibly do so with the help of Syria. With Hezbollah all but in formal control in Lebanon, and with Hezbollah actually a wing of the Iranian forces, we may indeed be seeing the beginnings of a pre-World War II like atmosphere in the Middle East.

Anyway, back to Doomsday.

The “response” that President Tom may have been speaking of could very well have been the recently thwarted airliner bombings in London. This was a well-planned attack that would have resulted in thousands dead, and with incredible disruptions to international travel and commerce. The effort ended with the arrests that reportedly came right before a “practice run” for the real job, just two weeks before August 22nd.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to add things up: radical Muslim Iranian whack-job president threatens response, upcoming date of significance in Islamic calendar, massive terror plot thwarted just before this date. Its simple connect-the-dots type stuff, folks.

Anyone who still thinks, as the radical front-group spokespeople at CAIR would have you believe, that there are no connections, and that this isn’t about an organized Islamic radical fundamentalism trying to topple the west and take charge in the world, is simply blind.

President Bush, despite recent and ongoing attacks on his intelligence by reliable (sic) sources like Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show”, has been way ahead of the curve on these scenarios from the beginning. While liberal-leaning talk, news, and comedy shows bash the President at home over his frequent butchering of the English language, the substance of the man behind his words may be our best defense in these difficult times.

Since the wake up call of 9/11, the President foresaw the dangers of radical Islam building in the region. A danger building at least since the Carter administration was at the point that it could no longer be ignored.

Planting the seeds of democracy in the region beyond Israel may remain a pipe dream, but the direct attacks on our shores combined with the “death to America and Israel” rhetoric have given us an opening to make the attempt.

There have been many setbacks in Afghanistan and Iraq, but many triumphs as well. The road from fascism, dictatorship, hate, and evil to a free, peace-loving democracy is a long one, and it is especially long when you have to overcome religious intolerance and regional instability. But what has been accomplished in these two countries to this point in just a few years is astonishing, and we must not turn our backs on the job now.

The troubles in the Middle East are far from the only major problems plaguing the United States these days. There is also the ongoing problem of massive illegal immigration, and our continuing sieve-like border security problem. America is in desperate need of physically securing our borders, getting control of immigration, and taking actions to secure our homeland, as well as the American culture.

There has been much speculation that the American people just don’t have the stomach for war, that we are nothing like our parents and grandparents of “The Greatest Generation”, who fought and won their own battles with world-domination regimes in the fascism of the Nazis and the communism of the Soviet empire.

If that is true, then what we are seeing this lazy, hazy, crazy summer in the Middle East and along our southern border is the beginning of the end for our civilization as we know it.

If we don’t recognize the danger to peace and democracy coming from the Middle East, as well as get control of our own border and national identity situations, then the America of our children and grandchildren will be strangled thanks to our inaction.

The United States of America as we know it today may never be obliterated in one puff of smoke, in one Doomsday. But the cultural, religious, legal, moral and physical attacks on our way of life are already taking a toll, and the time may come when we wished our demise came so quickly and suddenly.